"Sorry Please Thank You" by Charles Yu

One of my favorite things to do is go to the Kinokuniya bookstore in Bryant Park, buy a random book, get dessert from Cafe Zaiya (located on the 2nd floor), then nibble and read my book in the park.

This visit I picked up "Sorry Please Thank You" by Charles Yu. As usual, my intention was to pick out another Murakami piece, but I decided to switch it up...

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...Under a sign that read something like 'Books you might have missed' I stumbled upon Charles Yu. A compilation of twilight-y, surreal, and post-modern short stories. Though it wasn't my favorite, it was definitely an enjoyable, quick, and refreshing read. If you love sci-fi, fantasy, and don't mind A LOT of satire then you'll love this book! At times it was hilarious and at others it was depressing. It made me think a lot about society today poking fun at capitalism and in particular the technology and drug industries.

My Favorites:
-Standard Loneliness Package
-First Person Shooter
-Trouble Shooting
-Hero Absorbs Major Damage

Favorite Quotes:
"You get the feeling of being inside of a room and at the same time, the room being inside of you, and the room is the world, and so are you."

"Of all of the types of tickets, this is the worst. Heartbreak. When I first started at this job, I thought physical pain would be hardest. But it's not. This is the hardest. To be inside here, looking at this man's face at the lowest moment of his life, watching him try to keep it together. to be inside here, feeling what this woman is feeling, having done this to him."

"Sunil means well, but what he doesn't know is that I am fine with damaged. I want damage. I've looked down the road I'm on and I see what's coming. A lot of nothing. No great loves lost. And yet, I feel like I lost something. Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all? How about this: I lost without the love. I've lost things I've never even had. A whole life."

"Whatever it is when two people agree to briefly occupy the same space, agree to allow their lives to overlap in some small area, some temporary region of the world, a region they create through love or convenience, or for us, something even more meager, whatever that was, it has collapsed, it has closed. She has collapsed our shared space. She has closed herself to me."

"...like when you say a word over and over again, so many times, over and over, and you begin to feel silly, but you keep saying it, and then after a short while, something happens and the word stops being a word and it resolves into its constituent sounds, and then all of a sudden what used to be a word is not a word at all, it is now the strangest thing you have ever heard."

Is language all about desire? Is desire all about loss? Would we ever need to say anything if we never lost anything? Is everything we ever say just another way to express: I will lose this, I will lose all of this. I will lose you?"

Is what you want to obtain a noun? Or is your objective to verb an object? If you want to verb this object, how would you like to verb this object?"

"To want, in the infinitive form. To want, conjugated: I want, you want, he, she, one wants, we want, you all want, they want. Have you ever thought about not wanting just for a second? Have you ever thought about putting a question into this device, about what would happen if you asked about the world, instead of just asking for it? Who do you think you are? Who do you think I am? What do you think you have in your hands? Why would you think you have any idea of what you want? You've had thirty-seven years to get it right, thirty-seven years with the device at your disposal, just waiting, ready, willing, and most nights you still go to bed confused, angry at yourself. When are you going to start considering the possibility that you are exactly who you want to be?"

"If I could just find some clue. I have a hard time even maintaining a thought, even holding an idea in my head for more than a few moments. I can't seem to build up any kind of momentum. Details distract me. I have a hard enough time just figuring out the rules each day. Putting them together, looking at them carefully, trying to discern a pattern, a progression, any kind of underlying meaning to it all, it just hardly seems possible. I'm the cargo, not the engine. My mind just goes along for the ride."

"What else can I say? Wish I'd treated people better. Sorry, please, thank you, you're welcome. All human interaction pretty much covered by those four ideas."

"The fundamentals, the basics, all right there, in your drugstore, the greeting card rack. If you'd only said it, if you'd only had one more chance to say it. If someone had said to me. Any of it. I hope you read this, whoever you are, and imagine that there is a hypothetical person out there who needs your love, has been waiting silently, patiently for it all his life, is flawed and downright ugly at times and yet would have just eaten up any tiny bit of attention you had been willing to give, had you ever stopped your own happy life to notice. And then imagine that this hypothetical person is real, because he probably is. Guess that's all."


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