My 2014 Reading Challenge!

   June of this year will mark the 4 year anniversary of my GoodReads account! Though surprisingly this is the first year I've heard and will be doing the 2014 GoodReads Reading Challenge with 25 books as my goal!
   If you're someone who  likes reading or desires to read again, I strongly encourage you to create an account and try the challenge! Pick as many books as you like!
   Why use a GoodReads? GoodReads is a great way to spark your literary adventures by...
  1. Providing a great and insightful rating/review system that depicts opinions of all types of readers.
  2. Acting as a literary diary--recording the progress of books you have read, are reading, and want to read.
  3. Offering a 'Recommendations' section based off of books you have read. This feature also helps readers open their eyes to other genres they may not always consider.
  4. Having a simple-to-use social interface where you can connect/share with friends and other readers around the world.
  5. Simply being awesome and so0o0o0o much fun. Duh!
Okay! So ends my why-you-should-really-really-consider-getting-a-goodreads-account speech! Now start your account on GoodReads and be my 'Book Buddy' P: !

2014 Reading Challenge List:


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